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Taking a Cheap Holiday in Darwin

Booking cheap flights and running away!

Mel and I were randomly chatting over a cuppa two evenings ago as we often do and talk about the most absurd things and indulge in the girliest gossip, when suddenly joking about taking a weekend getaway became serious. We wondered why we never do it? I will be needing my precious leave days these year for the holiday etc and plans to see more of Asia, but we live in amazing country. It's really not difficult to take a cheap flight across Australia and experience something quite different. Beaches, caves, oceans, mountains, cities etc etc.

We save all year prob after 2 years of planning, to take a week off for a holiday faraway. But if we need to get away, we can do it right here really!

The convo started with Mel's friend who is visiting from Singapore, complaining about how the country is so small they can't get away from the city without leaving the country altogether and Malaysia and Indonesia is really very different. We're still in Oz. So...

Then we decided to take a leap and just go for it! Probably from Fri 22 Feb to the following Tuesday we'll go somewhere. I'm looking at cheap flights on Wego Australia, namely Sydney to Darwin on Wego Australia and it looks really good, just $60 for the cheapest flight. That's nothing bru! Flying Sydney to Melbourne is about $110 which is okay for a domestic airfare. We could do that.

Litchfield NP.jpg
Looked up Darwin and conveniently there is a 3-day guide on Australia.com. Litchfield National Park is looking quite inviting. I doubt I wanna do much hiking on a short weekend but some bathing in those waters, would be perfect for a weekend.

We were thinking budget accommodation at first but now I think maybe we should indulge a little. After all we tend to spend loads more on shopping when we head out to town here... so if we cut down for the weeks surrounding the take off, then we should be good to spend a little more on a hotel. Spa and massage most welcome :) Ooh and a fancy hotel bar. We won't need to sneak in lol. It would be an epic holiday just in Australia. Just a short getaway to refresh us.

Quite excited now! Mel has her own websites that she prefers and prob looking at hostel booking online to score those hottie traveller boys knowing her lol. European boys set her in a flurry. I am feeling a little more adult though. Prob gonna book our flights online and do all the quick check-in deal so we can max our time in Darwin. We have another coffee date this evening then prob booking before the end of the week so can clinch the good deal.

Wego has holiday rentals too now and some of them look mind-blowing! You can check them out here. Bloody hell the balcony view on the Gold Coast villas for rent.... We should get some friends together for this. Or manipulate a hot man into spoiling me... that would be pretty perfect too ;p

Only down side is.. how do I live in Australia and not have houses like that?? I could use that everyday! Get riiiccchhh quickkk

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Island Life and Pretend Holidays

What is it about island life that draws us all so much? Also the thought of tropical rainforests and tribesmen and untouched Africa and rustic settings etc... All the remote places with such different communities always attract us.

Beaches most of all..

I suppose it is the furthest escape. It's a nostalgic way of seeing, looking at them and seeing how they live on the real resources. And they seem so happy. yet we cannot abandon our "luxuries" that trap us at the same time.

It's just an interesting thought. I quite like the idea too, it always seems so faraway even if its just a short way away within Australia. But travelling to get somewhere and feel so new.. There's something about it. When you are there, esp for a staycation type thing, you start pretending you are one of them. Esp if they get to know your names. THis is more true in Asia than here. Imagine life in Borneo with the tribespeople and wildlife all around. Or even those beach holidays in Thailand when things are chilled but basic and there are struggles.

And you make like them. And your world changes. But a couple of months back home and its all as it was. Until you get into trouble then suddenly you want to play pretend and live the island life again.


See like that, if you hung out with them and helped them sew their way or cooked their meals with them... You bond and something inside you changes.

Just a thought.

This video of Borneo I found quite interesting: http://youtu.be/Qz_qRYTgtfM

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Flying to France


The decision is in. France it is. There is plenty of wiggle room that let's me decide later on if I want to venture a little further on some Eurorail train passes and take the legendary TGV that appeared countless times in my French learning coursebook in school.


France is also pretty central. And it's a country unlike any other. If i am going to go far to experience something different, then let it be something that truly stands out. I know, I know. Everyone goes to France. France will always be there. But I want to go now in my 20s when I'm red hot and France is so full of culture.

I know many people hate that they refuse to learn English. While I cannot take the side of cocky people wherever they hail from, there is something I respect about someone standing firm against homogenization washing out everything. Then again, most of Europe also speaks their own lingo without rejecting English outright. Hmm.. Maybe the French want to be the 2nd most adopted language? Well maybe this discussion is deeper than I thought.

Anyway France has it's charms. Funny accent and all, I think it's beautiful that they have kept to their culture. And if you have ever seen those girls with dark bobbed haircuts, cigarettes in hand and guys with sandy ruffled hair, you will know they are distinctly French and there is something beautiful about being so recognisable. I would love to go there and get lost in a sea of their eccentricities, even if I end up blogging some frustrations while I am actually there. Sometimes travels are more amazing in retrospect when you see the big picture or when the taste of an experience has had time to mature and grow into something that teaches you an incredible amount -- about yourself or about the world we live in.


Instead of taking a flight from Sydney to Paris, I am thinking of taking a flight to Toulouse. I have heard the South is the most beautiful. I don't know much about Toulouse aside from some treaties and mansions there that are magnificent.


And while I want to experience Paris, I need not start off there nor linger too long. I want to wander the south and just pop in to Paris for the experience of the world's most romantic city. How romantic can it be without someone to romance you anyway? Short of an Aussie bloke finding me in the next few months in Australia, I will take my chances finding me a handsome Monsieur in the beautiful South France to whisk me away to Paris for some true French kissing. Check out the Guardian's take on S. France here if you are interested to know more about what I am rambling about!

The flights are not the cheapest thing. It starts at $2000 and Singapore Airlines is not far behind Qantas, which should say something about my chances to find a cheap flight. Perhaps a string of connecting budget flights? But I'm not sure I'm up for that. Don't really mind long haul flights. Maybe I will meet a mister onboard? (Never happens to me. Only crying babies...)


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Fiji or Hawaii

Island Paradise

My best friend is planning a romantic getaway with her fiance, to scope out the right destination for a beautiful island wedding.

First things first. I am RIDICULOUSLY jealous. Who doesn't want to get married on the beach? Blue seas, flowing gowns, palm trees... Sigh. First I have to find me a mister right then I can even begin to think about it...


Anyway back to the matter at hand. She has invited me to join them with some friends for a little partying. They only want to scout for the right place, rather than having a purely romantic weekend for the two of them. (No third wheeling, I am assured). She needs the girls to decide on this and hubby only gets second opinion apparently haha.

So it will be lots of fun. She is deciding between Fiji and Hawaii. Both are excellent of course. Fiji is a little less passe whilst Hawaii is the dream. And for a reason.



I haven't decided though if I am going, because when she decides, I will have to pay for a flight there and probably shared accommodation but it won't be a time to stinge on budget travels so it is tricky deciding whether to do this pre-trip. Plus going to a place for the first time is the best, I would love to save it for the wedding.

Also I have plans to travel to Europe. A short trip probably, just what I can afford by the middle of the year without blowing everything at once. I need to save for my bestie, and regular outings and this trip to Europe. I have decided at least that it will be a backpacking trip, with hostels and no tours. I just need to search for cheap flights and see what my options are in terms of countries in Europe I can afford.

At the moment, the options are France, Belgium and Austria.

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The Travel Bug

How it all began

Growing up, Mum was always very Singaporean so I felt Singaporean. But I spent many important years in Australia so many of my friends were Aussie. I ended up with this blend, keeping my "Asianness" while mostly being very comfortable as a person in Australia.

Once I hit my late teens, you wonder a little deeper about identity. And that's when I started taking more trips back and forth. The family in Sing was a good excuse to get permission to travel, even on my own. So I did that until in my early 20s which is when I started hitting more of SouthEast Asia with friends. Southeast Asia is perfect for that -- budget travel, young people and still a very very good time. It's clear you are on vacation there. You feel like walking about an alien culture and you have all this awesome parties on the beach and relaxing on beach resorts... And also the potential to get very very lost -- just part of travelling.

Now that I'm in my mid-20s, my feet are itchy to go further. The plan is first to criss-cross Australia and then go further in phases. Europe, Africa, Antarctica.. it's al part of the plan. Eventually.

So I'm here to dream out loud, lose my breath, get excited about booking tickets, find/share tips and travel, travel, travel!

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